Estplan commenced in 2007, offering a range of education, implementation and software services to assist advisers entering the estate planning and aged care market.  In that time we have had 650 students through courses and helped many put into action what they have learned.


Estplan has now evolved into an online business model offering wealth advice services including estate planning.  Estplan principal, Vic Ruth, has worked extensively to develop a solution which is easy to implement and ably supported by tools for easy introduction into a practice.


Market research shows that the wealth market has been poorly serviced in the last 25 years.  The wealth market can be defined as the 20% of the population that control 80% of the private wealth or those with investable assets above $1,000,000.  There is a difference between the financial planning and wealth markets with the former foccusssed on FUM or FUA, and the later requiring advice and help on all asset classes, including property and business.


Advisers working in the wealth market enjoy significantly higher revnues and career satisfaction. Our research shows that wealth clients are looking for trusted lead advice relationships, where the adviser takes the lead in working with other referral partners to deliver a comprehensive advice solution.  Wealth clients are busy and time scarce in their day to day lives and want advice efficiencies that deliver quality outcomes.


Today we offer a comprehensive range of services to help an adviser enter into the wealth market or improve a practice already operating in that market.