Frequently Asked Questions - adviser faqs

Doing one wealth transaction a month you should be able to generate $100,000 income per annum.

We suggest you seek help from your AFSL holder on this matter because guidelines might vary from group to group.

We suggest you check with your governing body for their guidelines.

It is your role to coordinate the wealth engagement process and outcomes with the client, your staff, and referral advisers. If unsure we suggest you seek legal advice as to your liability in this situation.

You need to make sure the referral is agreed by the client and referral documentation is signed. It is also important to know that the referral adviser is suitably qualified to do the task referred.

The WES templated Fact Find and other Zumeform documents are the intellectual property of Estplan Pty Ltd. Any changes are by mutual agreement.

Under the license these are your IP and can be changed to suit the circumstances.

Yes, this can be done as part of your license. The templated documents do not have artwork but it can be added at the assembled Word/ PDF stage and templated as part of your system.

No. Under the license these are your documents and cannot be viewed by us or any other party without yours and the client’s consent.

We suggest you review a digital storage or vault option e.g. SharePoint. Digital Signatures are an option and should be considered especially because these can be multi parties’ transactions.

Yes under your license you are free to use the Zumeform technology for these purposes. Offices today use many forms and it is easy standardise and build them using Zumeforms.

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