Active Retirement

This service identifies characteristics of baby boomers in early retirement and helps you further cement the relationship with these clients by offering specific services which are tailored to their expectations. You identify the services and are supported by documentation, presentations, expert interviews and case studies to develop a robust offer which will help position you as a trusted family adviser.

AR 1.0 - Checklist Active Retirement

A checklist of issues to consider for clients in this phase of the 3rd Age.

AR 2.02 - Family Negotiation Adviser Collaboration

Family negotiation and adviser collaboration for baby boomer clients

AR 3.01 -The Active Retirement Market Defined

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 4:56 minutes

Filesize: 178.7MB

Vic Ruth introduces the active retirement lifestage.

AR 4.01 - Family Meetings & Leadership

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 9.57 minutes

Filesize: 14MB

Webinar on the importance of family leadership, the role that the adviser can play and how family meetings can help.

AR 4.02 - Intergenerational Wealth

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 15:33 minutes

Filesize: 12.6MB

Webinar on Intergenerational Wealth.

AR 5.02 - Case Study: Retaining the Clients You Have

Increasing retention by offering Post Retirement services.

AR 5.03 - Case Study: Changing Services to meet Ageing Client Needs

Widening services to offer comprehensive service to clients in Post Retirement.

AR 6.02 - Conversation Script: Active Retirement Family Values

Conversation strategies introducing clients to the concept of educating family on family values.

AR 7.01 Expert Interview

Blended families add a dimension of complexity in the active retirement lifestage when clients begin to consider their estate planning. 

AR 8.01 - Client Engagement Pack

An event management pack to help you engage with active retirees.

AR 9.01 - Promotions Pack

Promotions pack for active retirement clients.

AR 10.01 - Balancing Work and Leisure

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 12:29 minutes

Filesize: 353MB

An insight about how clients may approach active retirement.