Declining Capacity

Develop specific services which are aimed at clients in the later stages of retirement.

DC 1.00 - Checklist - Declining Capacity

A checklist of issues to consider for clients in this phase of the 3rd Age 

DC 2.02 - Understanding Ageing Population Issues

A discussion of the issues that are faced by those in this  demographic, together with the implications for practices.

DC 2.03 Cultural Implications of Dealing with the Aged

Understanding some of the communication issues and financial implications around culturally and linguistically diverse clients.

DC 5.01 - Case Study - Helping Client Families in Crisis

Helping client families in crisis develop a workable solution to funding aged care.

DC 7.01 - an Adviser's Perspective

An interview with Arthur Graham of Golconda Group about the realities of clients preparing to move into aged care.