Peak Accumulation

A total package of prospecting tools, conversation scripts and client engagement material to help you develop a relationship with a client that is heading towards retirement. Typically younger baby boomers, these clients are empty nesters and are focussed on planning for retirement. This is an opportune time to begin to build the client relationship and introduce the concept of family as the client.

PA 1.00 - Checklist - Peak Accumulation

A checklist of issues to consider for clients in this phase of the 3rd Age.

PA 2.02 - Baby Boomers and Succession Planning

Preparing your practice and your clients' businesses for succession.

PA 2.04 - Estate Management - Managing Collaboration

Defining the role of the lead adviser in Estate Planning.

PA 2.03 - Family Wealth Management

Strategies for increased profitability, client retention and practice longevity.

PA 2.05 Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning - Managing the Next Generation, authored by Michael Perkins

PA 2.06 Succession Planning Service Offer

Succession Planning process, prospecting strategy for Succession Planning service offer and case study.

PA 3.01 - Introduction to Peak Accumulation Phase of 3rd Age

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 1:59 minutes

Filesize: 45.3MB

Defining this phase of retirement for the 3rd Age Solution.

PA 3.02 - Treating the Family as the Client

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 2:42 minutes

Filesize: 53.5MB

The importance and benefits of treating the family as the client.

PA 3.03 - The Importance of Structure around Family Wealth

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 5:33 minutes

Filesize: 125.3MB

The importance of structuring family wealth in planning for the future.

PA 3.04 - Transactional vs Relational

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 2:25 minutes

Filesize: 49MB

This video introduces the concept of relational advising and advocates focussing on the client rather than the next product sale.

PA 4.01 - Family as the Client: Meetings and Education

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 13.40 minutes

Filesize: 18.9MB

PA 4.02 - Succession Planning

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 20:53 minutes

Filesize: 28MB

PA 4.03 - Project Managing Clients Wealth

File Type: MP4 video

Duration: 12.27 minutes

Filesize: 17.2MB

PA 6.02 - Conversation Script: Introducing Estate Planning

Conversation scripts introducing estate planning to clients.

PA 6.03 - Conversation Script: Succession Planning

Conversation scripts introducing succession planning to clients.

PA 7.01 - An Adviser's Perspective

An adviser talks practically about how his practice handles these clients.