Next Generation

Firmly establish yourself as a trusted family adviser with the inheriting generation.

NG 1.00 - Next Generation Checklist

A checklist of issues to consider when dealing with the inheriting generations.

NG 2.01 Next Generations Needs and Service Requirements

Building a relationship with the family, particularly the inheriting generation and demonstrating value and commitment to growing family assets, provides the ability to minimise estate redemptions and develop practice longevity. 


NG 3.01 Introduction to Next Generation

A brief introduction to this lifestage and its importance to your practice longevity.


NG 3.02 Next Generation Adolescence

A discussion on the first of the three phases in the Next Generation stage and your introduction to this client.


NG 3.03 Next Generation Career

The second of the three phases of Next Generation and how you can interact with these clients.


NG 3.04 Next Generation Family

The last of the three phases of Next Generation and the importance of working to retain this segment.


NG 5.01 -Case Study: Exploring opportunities with existing client's families

Case Study outlining the opportunities that exist within your client base and the benefits of developing relationships with the entire family.

NG 5.02 - Case Study: Building the Relationship to become the Trusted Family Adviser

Case Study detailing the importance of having generationally matched advisers.

NG 6.01 - Conversation Script: Building Bridges to the Next Generation

Conversation strategies covering a number of scenario's that occur with this generation and responses to develop the relationship.