Templates and content to optimise practice processes.

4.1 - Estplan Fact-finder

Fact-find with a focus on estate planning.

4.6 - Estate Planning Trigger Questions

Questions that help trigger the estate planning service offer.

6.1 - Pre-meeting Checklist for Adviser's Clients

A checklist to help a client prepare personal and  family information for a meeting.

7.6 - Client Service Matrix

A tool to develop a point of difference by implementing a client service matrix in your practice....

7.11 - Service Delivery Checklist

Checklist which helps client set expectation.

7.13 - Research Process Template

Template to assist you to develop research processes.

7.14 - Case Study Template

Template for case studies that you can offer clients to demonstrate expertise.

7.15 Value Pricing

Value Pricing - Base your fees on client perception of the value that you deliver.

8.2 - Prospecting Strategy

Tips and hints to help you develop prospecting strategy.

8.5 - Estplan Communication Guide

Estplan Communication guide - A guide to help build empathy with clients.

9.1 - KPI Template

Financial and Key Performance Indictors discussed (NB: This template is included in the Estplan Practice Manual).

11.9 - EP Implementation Checklist

Checklist to ensure successul implementation of estate planning.

12.3 - Collaboration Agreements

Suggested points to consider when developing an agreement for collaboration.

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