Wealth Practice Development

Tools and resources to develop and maintain a healthy practice.

PE 2.01 - Practice Enhancement Manual

The Practice Plan manual provides a stepped approach to assist develop a practice plan.

PE 2.02 Importance of Planning

The importance of developing a practice plan.

PE 2.03 Vision and Values

The practice plan is based on vision and values. It is important to develop and articulate this for your staff and clients.

PE 2.041 Marketing Strategy

The basis of the marketing plan which include SWOT Competitive Analysis and the relevant Ps of Marketing.

PE 2.042 Marketing Tools

Marketing tools to support the development of your marketing plan. To be used in conjunction with PE 2.041 Marketing Strategy.

PE 2.05 Transaction Cycle and Communication Guide

Estplan Transaction Cycle and Communication Guide - This section helps you prepare for the client meeting.

PE 2.06 HRM Delegation and Time Managment

Human Resource Management, Time Management and Delegation strategy need to form part of the practice plan. 

PE 2.07 Financial Plan and KPIs

Financial Measurement component of practice plan.

PE 2.08 Strategic Alliances and Collaboration

Strategic Alliances and Collaboration plan needs to be included in the practice plan and updated regularly.

PE 2.09 Compliance and Risk

Compliance and Risk section of the practice manual. Includes relevant templates.

PE 5.02 - Case Study: Creating a Win-Win Situation

A successful alliance between and accountant and a planner.

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