The 3rd Age Solution has been designed as a complete post retirement system. It is our intention to assist you by guiding through all the components required for successful implementation of an offer to your ageing clients.

This solution is based on relational advising and helps you move into dealing with the family as the client. It is predicated on the Family Wealth Management Business Model.

Since we have used a shopping cart approach you can review the titles of products by clicking on the packages. Alternatively follow our guide below.


Step 1

Register for a complimentary subscription to the Introduction pack. This contains research, case studies and videos which helps identify the market opportunity and increase your understanding of ageing clients.


Step 2

Work your way through the requirements of each life stage.
We have segmented 3rd Age clients into

  1. Peak Accumulators
  2. Those in Active Retirement
  3. Later retirement or those with Declining Capacity
  4. Estate Management (or dealing with client passing and what follows)
  5. Next Generation or continuing the relationship with the inheriting generation. 
    1. Adolescence / education
    2. Career development
    3. Partner / children

Step 3

In each life stage

  1. Review the complimentary checklist and select those topics that interest you.
  2. You can select the complete life stage then work through the checklist to ensure successful implementation of the life stage.
  3. Or you can select individual service which appeal to you.
  4. Make your selection and either purchase a membership or put individual products into your shopping basket.
  5. Details of the purchase will be emailed to you and a tax invoice will be available via the Members area of the Estplan site.
  6. You can now download your selections.

Step 4

Guidance through the system.

  1. If you are looking for a specific service or topic consider our Planning Pathways series. There are 5 topics currently available and more will be added shortly.
  2. These planning pathways provide you with a stepped approach to resources available within the 3rd Age Solution which will help you implement the service.
  3. You can then choose the documents and purchase individual items.
  4. The planning pathway also includes complementary content that is available when you register for membership. Registration is complimentary.

Step 5

Purchasing a membership

  1. When you have registered for a membership ( compulsory for a subscription, optional and recommended for individual products) you will receive an email. Simply click on the link contained within the email to activate your membership.
  2. Once activated you can go back onto the website and download the documents/ webinars/ videos etc.
  3. A tax invoice will be available in the member services area.
  4. Subscriptions are for a 3 month period.
  5. Life stages are updated regularly, if you have subscribed to a life stage you will receive alerts when new products are added and will be able to access these instantly.


Step 6

If you require assistance or support first view the Frequently Asked Questions page of the website. If your query is not listed there, please contact us on 1300375752 or send us an email. We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.