In market experience research shows that a high percentage of wealth clietns have been poorly serviced by financial professionals over the years. Accountants have focussed on compliance, financial planners on funders under advice, and lawyers have treated wealth advice services as a low priority like estate planning.  This means there are unlimited advice opportunities in the wealth market for those willing to give it a try.


The single biggest problem experienced by advisers in the wealth market is the turnaround of data between client meetings. The affairs of wealth clients are generally complex especially when you’re reviewing all assets i.e. investments, superannuation, business, property and maybe collectables. It can be very time consuming collecting the fact find data, analysing the information and preparing a response.


Further compounding the process is normally you need more than one adviser to provide all the advice solutions so multiple advisers are needed. We have introduced a new service called the Wealth Engagement Service (WES) that helps adviser manage the wealth advice process. Central to the service is the user taking a lead advice role with the client which means they take the lead role in the wealth planning outcome for the client. The service uses Zumeform Technology that supports a series of forms or documents. The steps in the service are summarised below.


  1. Comprehensive Wealth Fact Find structured into sections and provided to the client, their family, staff, referral advisers or whoever has the relevant information.
  2. The fact find is followed by a Facts as We Understand Them document that summarises the information collected and used by the adviser to make sure all parties are on the same page.
  3. This is followed by Areas of Concern, Issues and Suggested Next Step document that spells out what needs to be done to bring the clients affairs into order.
  4. An Action Plan is then created that list tasks, priorities and completion timeframes. The plan is usually used in the 2nd or 3rd client meeting.
  5. The system them provides Service Delivery Support templates. These includes letter of engagement, referral documentation, family meeting agendas and minutes with other templates in development or on request by users.
  6. The wealth advice process is structured to be supported by a staff member we will call the WES PA. This frees the adviser to focus on client facing and planning activities.


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